SAS Platform Administrator Career Option?

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SAS Platform Administrator Career Option?

Hey SAS Folks,

I am keen on a career doing SAS Platform Admin. I am based in North America.

1. Does it pay well?

2. What's the scope?

3. When I get old, does the occupation become Stale giving rise to the potential of being replaced by younger folks for cheaper price?

4. What about Salary rise year after year and the growth path?

Please advise.

Thank you,


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Re: SAS Platform Administrator Career Option?

I'm not based in America, so I duck regarding salary.

2) Depends on the organisations use of SAS. A modern typical SAS implementation includes "Intelligent Platform". Which mean you need to be in depth familiar with meta data and the IP configuration directories. Also configuring access to external databases, user authorization, portal admin, and nowadays SAS is pushing applications around LASR server (e.g. Visual Analytics) which means you need to be familiar with Hadoop. Etc.

3) I would chose administration as the first thing to outsource if possible (and never development, but that happens quite often anyway). But how that will potentially affect your futre, I got no  clues...

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Re: SAS Platform Administrator Career Option?


I'm a SAS user and business sponsor rather than SAS admin.  We finally got an admin and what a joy.  Our *nix folk could only help but so much (not their fault, it was outside their skill set and interests).

To question 3), I'd disagree with Linus on outsourcing.  The SAS Admin needs to understand our business as well as the technology.  "Old" is a relative term.  As with anything in a technology field, you need to keep up your skills (and develop new ones) to stay relevant.  Think of it as a job with a lifetime learning requirement.

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Re: SAS Platform Administrator Career Option?

Depends on how the role is designed. But when I hear "Platform", it sounds very technical, and that is usually not so business specific. As fast as the role includes stuff like data quality, searching data for errors, being a part of physical data modelling activities etc, then yes, not a very wise choice for outsourcing.

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Re: SAS Platform Administrator Career Option?

Well Linus I am happy to see Doc's note for the joy. The role of the Platform Admin is more important on the business users.

There is lot to do on helping the business work done as Mentor, some dedicated guidelines on how to use,  integration to all other kind of stuff.

It are the business users requirements that are driving this. Understanding and helping getting all things done including architecture and tactical advices.

I like this post of Leroy Bessler SAS admins: providing maximum benefit to users - SAS Users Groups  but also this one: Putting 'I' back in CIO | SAS.

As you are posting that lot of advices in this area, you role also looks also like a platform admin.  Linus the platform admin....

I do not like the name with admin either as it gives a possible bad association as you did.  And yes the role should include some parts of that data quality also. The hard core *nix folk are quite different people as others like the security and risk management guys. Someone must be able to understand all those and filling the gaps.

On searching jobs you can get an impression on salaries.
The mentioned Lifetime learning is part of this game. You should be ahead, at least one step, of the users.

Would SAS institute fille this gap? Of course not, it is not their business to run someone else business.  This can be problematic as some are thinking they should do that. 

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