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SAS Mobile

Hi ,

Could anyone please share with any document which has the features of the new SAS Mobile Technology.

All other vendors like SAS, IBM etc have a detailed document on the same.

Help would be deeply appreciated .
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Re: SAS Mobile

Hi, Tommi81,

This forum is intended for assistive technologies issues with SAS. Assistive technologies are software or hardware used by people with disabilities to access their computers. Typically, this is called "accessibility" -- but that lead to SAS/ACCESS and connectivity questions

Are you asking about accessing SAS from web browsers, such as a WRS report or BI Dashboard from a netbook, or are you referring to from a mobile PDA, such as an iPhone or Blackberry?

If you don't mind, reply to me directly -- From where I sit, I need to include in your account rep, as he may know more about your organization's specific need.

The short answer, though, is that SAS Mobile has not been released yet, which is why you have not found documentation on it.

Hope this helps!

Lisa Pappas
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