SAS Miner - Train SAS export file

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SAS Miner - Train SAS export file


Hope someone can help me.

I would like to access the final SAS data file with the cluster training results, where I would have for each customer the assigned cluster segment.

When I access the file folder of the exported data, I see the different files outputs but I don't have access to this final data set.

The only train file I see is in sas data view format, I can't open/load it.

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Re: SAS Miner - Train SAS export file

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You should ask this in SAS Data Mining

You can do so using Save Data Node under Utility tab

1-Connect the Save Data Node to the Cluster Node

2-Choose the file format and the directory in the left hand side Properties Panel of the Save Data node.

then you will get the result in the specified format in the specified dir.

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