SAS Local Modules - IBM mainframe

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SAS Local Modules - IBM mainframe

I would like to know in order to connect locally to IBM mainframe server and extract data from the server ,  where tables already have been created in mainfraime libraries



by using the program Copyright (C) 1990 by SAS Institute Inc., Cary NC with the name “ tcptso32.scr

1) What are the necessary SAS modules in my  local machine licence in order to do the extraction?


Apart from tcptso32.scr

2) Moreover , i have seen various sas programs to do this,  based on SAS CONNECT/ACCESS ,

may suggest any to have some tests?

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Re: SAS Local Modules - IBM mainframe

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You would need Base SAS and SAS/CONNECT installed and licensed on your PC. Base SAS and SAS/CONNECT would also need to be installed and licensed on the mainframe. The TCPTSO32.SCR script file you refer to is the way SAS uses TELNET to signon to the mainframe automatically and automatically starting a SAS server session. This method has been largely superceded by non-scripted signons.


Another option might be to use FTP to transfer SAS data  if SAS/CONNECT is not available.

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Re: SAS Local Modules - IBM mainframe

Brilliant thanks !!

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