SAS License Renew for unix

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SAS License Renew for unix

Recently our SAS was upgraded from SAS 9.1.3 to SAS 9.3, the in setinit file the details are same as for the production in all the environments. Now, we have to update the license. We have recieved SID file for all the environments. Now when I am trying to renew my license for Dev environment with related SID file, I am recieving warning as There was no file at the location you provided. But the file is there and renew is not completing.

I am trying to update this via sudo access which worked for SAS 9.1.3. Following steps are taken:

1. Go to the path where sassetup is places (/<sas folder>/software/SASHome/SASFoundation/9.3>

2. Then running sudo -u sas sassetup

3. From Setup Utilities Menu choosing 1 that is Renew SAS Software. After this system asks: Specify the file containing SAS Installation Data. Then specifying the path where I have kept the SID file.

After this I am getting error.

Is there any step that I am missing. Please suggest.


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Re: SAS License Renew for unix

License issues are probably best handled via a phone call to SAS

Paige Miller
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