SAS Indexes

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SAS Indexes

Hi....question about SAS indexes.

I accidentally deleted a SAS index file when I wrote over a data set  by having the data set in the DATA and SET statements.

To replace the one I deleted, I want to create a new index file with the same characteristics as the other index files in the same directory.

But when I do a PROC CONTENTS on the SAS data sets in that directory (code below), the results indicate that the number of indexes is 0 and there are no variables listed as key variables for every SAS data set, even though the index files exists.

proc contents data=mylibrary._all_ details;


My question is, how can a SAS data set have an index file, and yet no indexes?  No key variables.

Are these index files then pretty much useless?



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Re: SAS Indexes

What code did you use to re-create the index?  If you used some method such as restore from a backup or upload from another platorm the SAS data set will not recognise the index.  Use Proc Datasets.


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