SAS Hadoop Configuration Issue

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SAS Hadoop Configuration Issue


Good Morning.

We have done below Manual configuration steps  for SAS Hadoop configuration.and we encountered issue mentioned below.

Please let us know if you have questions/concerns.

Manual configuration steps for SAS 9.4  SAS Access Interface to Hadoop:


1.Get Keytab file created in Hadoop server : Completed

2. copy the Keytab file created in Hadoop server to SAS Server then kinit (creating the Ticket )for the user in SAS Server  : Completed

3.Update the Ticket Varibale information in KRB5CCNAME environment variable name : Completed

4.Copy Jar & XML files from Hadoop server to SAS Server  : Completed

5.Update the Jar & XML configuration file path in SAS Configuration file  : Completed

6.Restart the SAS Service to reflect the SAS Configuration file  : Completed

7.Run the Sample Lib code for SAS Hadoop connectivity  : Issue Encountered

Sample Program (i.e) Lib Name to connecting Hadoop server:

option SASTRACE = "d,d,d,d" sastraceloc=saslog;

LIBNAME hdplib HADOOP SERVER='znlhacdq0002.amer.zurich.corp' HIVE_PRINCIPAL="hive/_HOST@ZHDPDEV.COM" SUBPROTOCOL=hive2;

Error :


23         option SASTRACE = "d,d,d,d" sastraceloc=saslog;

ACCESS ENGINE:  Entering dbiconi. 21 1436234265 dbiconi 0 OBJECT_E

ACCESS ENGINE:  Exiting dbiconi.  rc=0x00000000 22 1436234265 dbiconi 0 OBJECT_E

ACCESS ENGINE: Entering DBICON 23 1436234265 dbicon 0 OBJECT_E


HADOOP: ACC/HADOOP configured with XML configuration files in SAS_HADOOP_CONFIG_PATH, /sas/Hadoop_SAS9.4/Config 25 1436234265

process_configuration 0 OBJECT_E

24         LIBNAME hdplib HADOOP SERVER='znlhacdq0002.amer.zurich.corp' port=10010 HIVE_PRINCIPAL="hive/_HOST@ZHDPDEV.COM"

24       ! SUBPROTOCOL=hive2;

HADOOP: Connection to DSN=znlhacdq0002.amer.zurich.corp failed. 26 1436234265 hdcon 0 OBJECT_E

ERROR: Unable to connect to the Hive server.

ACCESS ENGINE: Exiting DBICON with  rc=0X801F9007 27 1436234265 dbicon 0 OBJECT_E

ERROR: Error trying to establish connection.

ERROR: Error in the LIBNAME statement.

Note :

1. We did'nt executed below Manual one step on Hadoop node (i.e) running Hadoop Tracer on Hadoop node due to security constraint .Let us know whether it;s mandatory step to execute it.

Transfer the following file to the Hive Node from SAS server :


/sas/SAS9.4/SASDeploymentManager/9.4/products/deploywiz__94300__prt__xx__sp0__1/deploywiz/data/hadoop/hadooptracer.pyto /

Set the files to execute mode on Hive Node:


chmod 755 /

Change directory to your user home directory :


cd ~

Run the batch script :


python ./ -f /tmp/test.json

Thanks With Regards,

Magesh Vadivel

Cell   :  847-909-3821

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Re: SAS Hadoop Configuration Issue

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What distribution do you use (and version)?

Can you ping the Hadoop server master node?

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Re: SAS Hadoop Configuration Issue

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Hi Magesh,

I am having the same issue. Can you please let me know if you were able to resolve it.


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Re: SAS Hadoop Configuration Issue

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Hello - what was the resolution to this?
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