SAS HCM Solution

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SAS HCM Solution

Hi...we're running SAS 9.1.3 with HCM 4.4.  Web and Data tier are both MS Windows Servers, 2003 R2 Enterprise Edition Service Pack 2 (32-bit).  Our portal stopped displaying data and links in the dashboards some time ago.  We have been troubleshooting and thought it was a JRE issue but we noticed that XYTHOS has stopped running and will not stay  running even after starting manually through command prompt.  A further look in the Window Events Viewer shows that XYTHOS stopped working at the same time our IT folks pushed a McAfee update through.  Does anyone know what we need to do to get our dashboards functioning again - how to get XYTHOS running again??

I'm sorry, but I am not a tech guy and don't understand all the jargon, but will do my best to answer follow-up questions.  Part of the agreement in letting us "analysts" get the HCM Solution was that we would have to maintain it.  We do have access to IT guys if we need them, but...

One last symptom/problem - when the portal stopped surfacing data in the dashboards at the same time our nightly builds started failing.  We noticed that the section of the build that fails is the Solutions Data Mart section where it creates the Org dimension, currency dimension, etc.  When this section is removed the build runs find.

I've included an attachment with the error message dsiplayed in the dashboards when you log into the portal.

Thanks All.


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Re: SAS HCM Solution

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Not very kind of them to have you guys do the maintenance... Ant SAS solution is by far more complex than any other desktop application.

So, I honest believe that you need some IT guy that is somewhat dedicated to help you out on issues like this, to minimize system downtime.

You could contact SAS tech support for some isolated issues, but it would help if you would understand the response you'll get from them...

The error message could indicate anything that is preventing the system to work. You need to check log-files for the different servers in the solution. Again, quite tech...

Good luck

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Re: SAS HCM Solution

Thanks and agreed, but unfortunately that was the deal we agreed to to get the Solution installed.  We have been working with SAS tech support but no solution as of yet.  We are hoping someone within the broader community might have something for us...

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Re: SAS HCM Solution

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Get back to changes that did happen when it got broke.

Can you eliminate the possible cause is macAfee? (Would not be the first and last time)

Your deal with IT is a bad one. As they can change everything and you are needing your part and theirs to solve it. 

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