SAS Enterprise Miner write acess

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SAS Enterprise Miner write acess

Hello all,


I'm getting the following error when trying to write back to the EM_EXPORT_TRAIN dataset:

ERROR:  Write access to member EMWS1.EMCODE_TRAIN.DATA is denied.


In SAS EM it will only export from the SASUSER library of which is \\EMWS1\  I have even added the -NORSASUSER option to the configuration file and restarted SAS EM but without success.  Any ideas how to overcome as I would prefer to write back to the EMCODE_TRAIN data set.  Here is my code within the SAS Code node:


data MyLib.selection;
	call streaminit(12345);
	set &em_import_data;
	urand = rand('uniform');
proc sort data=MyLib.selection;
	by urand;
data &em_export_train;
	drop fold_size urand;
	set MyLib.selection nobs=nobs_;
	fold_size = round(nobs_ / 10.0);
		if _N_ <= fold_size then fold = 'A';
		if _N_ > fold_size and _N_ <= 2*fold_size then fold = 'B';
		if _N_ > 2*fold_size and _N_ <= 3*fold_size then fold = 'C';
		if _N_ > 3*fold_size and _N_ <= 4*fold_size then fold = 'D';
		if _N_ > 4*fold_size and _N_ <= 5*fold_size then fold = 'E';
		if _N_ > 5*fold_size and _N_ <= 6*fold_size then fold = 'F';
		if _N_ > 6*fold_size and _N_ <= 7*fold_size then fold = 'G';
		if _N_ > 7*fold_size and _N_ <= 8*fold_size then fold = 'H';
		if _N_ > 8*fold_size and _N_ <= 9*fold_size then fold = 'I';
		if _N_ > 9*fold_size then fold = 'J';
proc means data=&em_export_train;
	by fold;
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Re: SAS Enterprise Miner write acess

So after review I finally discovered that although SAS throws the error when ran within the node you can run it and still produce the proper output outside the node.


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