SAS EBI Report Interface question?

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SAS EBI Report Interface question?

Hi Folks,

In a typical SAS EBI platform environment, I have often experienced and come across practices that would involve reports that is generated using a 'stored process' viewable using information delivery portal by business users whomsoever. I understand the same is accomplished by registering the stored process in the metadata server with a metadata definition. However, in my current requirement I have a need to create a Java user interface to the report layer and that will most certainly not have a connection established to the SAS metadata.

I'd appreciate if any of you can guide me by letting me know how to make a stored process report executed from a link viewable on a java portal. I hope my question makes sense as the Java user interface layer wouldn't have SAS Connect establishment with the metadata server.

Your earnest response would mean a lot to me.



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Re: SAS EBI Report Interface question?

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Charlotte, you question makes sense as in normal business environment there is not only SAS but more.

Your question is not clear on all requierements, it could be on open anonmymous access to represent some data or being part of some workflow that has some authentication staging needed.  The first one of using an anonymous request interface is more easy to do as that one is missing the identification/authentication steps. All is done by webanon

SAS(R) 9.4 Intelligence Platform: Middle-Tier Administration Guide, Second Edition Using the SAS Anonymous Web User with SAS Authentication)

The midtier of SAS is heavily using java the compute/metadata tier is only delivering that data in way it can be used in java web presentation.

SAS(R) 9.4 Intelligence Platform: Middle-Tier Administration Guide, Second Edition

Your question is: how con the sas midtier (java) being called from an other java/web environment (not SAS midtier).

In this case finding the correct link while it makes use of that webanon is the question to do.

It will be more challenging when you need a full authentication, it can be:

- a full SSO implementation (wondering how this on webinterfaces should be done)

- Building the needed java parts accessing SAS metadata/compute servers on your own. The SAS web-bi interface are java programs and there is documentation to do this

SAS(R) 9.4 Integration Technologies: Java Client Developer's Guide 

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