SAS Drug Development 4

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SAS Drug Development 4



My company (a CRO) is looking for an efficient and reliable clinical analysis and reporting platform. SAS DD 4 is one such candidate selected for further discussion. I'd like to get as much information as possible before I present a case for/against SAS DD. Things like


1. Cost - value for money

2. Backward compatibility (for existing suit of SAS codes/macros)

3. Ease of use

4. Stability

5. Efficiency

6. Pros and Cons vis a vis other platforms available in the market

7. Similarities/ dissimilarities with normal SAS Windows and Unix  environment

8. Any other things to consider.


Any help from SAS DD users will be appreciated.



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Re: SAS Drug Development 4

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I can't speak from experience on SDD, however I haven't heard much good about it it.


What I would suggest, and this is something I use:


Basically SAS build a virtual platform, with audit trail/admin, where you can utilise projects and anlysis using SAS.  It is a great platform, pretty low cost, and takes a lot of the build resource need out of the equation.  We have brought it into our environment over the last year or so and are very impressed.  There are areas where it needs a bit of updating such as the flash editor, but they should be coming in the big upgrade soon.  I would really have a look at it, used by big and small pharma's.

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