SAS DI to Oracle

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SAS DI to Oracle

I am facing problem in converting SAS datasets to Oracle in SAS DI.
The columns having DATETIME. format in SAS is getting converted into DATE datatype in Oracle and time component of the

column is not showing in Oracle.
For example:
20AUG13:14:33:22 is showing as 20-AUG-13 only in Oracle, but the time component is missing.
Please help me and provide a solution in SAS DI.

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Re: SAS DI to Oracle

You may just need to change the format in Oracle.  As far as recall, Oracle stores all dates as datetime values.


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Re: SAS DI to Oracle

Native Datatypes

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Re: SAS DI to Oracle

Nothing to do with DI. It is a common tranlation issue. Richard LinusH mad the same references 

SAS/ACCESS(R) 9.4 for Relational Databases: Reference, Second Edition (Data Types for Oracle)

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