SAS DI Data Validation. Dup removal.

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SAS DI Data Validation. Dup removal.

SAS D.I Data Validation is supposed to remove dups to an error table. It looks as if it have removed the duplicate records but when I open the table I set up to hold the duplicate records it errors and then shows no records. Does anyone have any knowledge of veiwing the duplicate records. I need the duplicates to try to understand why the join is createing them in the first place.



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Re: SAS DI Data Validation. Dup removal.

The good news is: It works if you set-up things correctly.

The bad news is: It's almost impossible for us to give you advice with the information you've provided.


What you could do:

1. Explain in detail what you're doing, what works and where things fall over

2. State which DIS version and OS you're using

3. Send a screenshot of the flow and eventually also attach the .spk of the job with dependent objects like library and table metadata

4. Attach the DIS generated code; at least the bit from the Validation Transformation



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