SAS Curriculum Pathways: Science Resources

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SAS Curriculum Pathways: Science Resources

Please reply with questions, ideas, and suggestions related to the use of SAS Curriculum Pathways and its integration into science instruction.
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Re: SAS Curriculum Pathways: Science Resources

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My name is Doug Smith. I teach Science at Oak Glen Middle School in New Cumberland, WV. I really like the Curriculum Pathways. Since we now have classes with full inclusion the ability levels of the students varies SO much. I have used CP with some of my higher achieving students, kind of like online school. I send assignments through e-mail and they complete them and turn them in to me at school. Not all of them want to do this and I don't make it mandatory. Those who would like more enrichment and really like a certain field of Science get assigned assignments from those fields. How does everyone else use Curriculum Pathways in your classroom?
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