SAS Connect Issue

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SAS Connect Issue

Hi All, 


We're using the SAS Release 8.2 in one of our server. We're facing a issue for the past few months. The issue is,


The SAS Spawner services that acts as a connectivity between the server and the Mainframe environment is getting stopped. It doesn't get started by itself though the restart type is provided as 'Automatic'. And all out MF jobs that runs during this time fails with the connectivity issue.


'A communication Subsytem partner link setup request failure has occured'

'Connect call failed, Remote signon to SSAP failed'


When checked in the server in the event viewer to find out the error messages, we found out the following error.


SAS Error Event: SAS is aborting through vacrash() 
SAS Error Event: FATAL ERROR: WRCODE=8000583d, MODULE='VQTCP': readcon #2 failed on only link. 

Could someone please suggest, whether this failure require any update in SAS or is there any other solution to get this fixed.


Thank you !


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Re: SAS Connect Issue

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A Google search for 




turns up Problem Note 45960. However, the hot fix is for SAS 9.2, not SAS 8.2. You'll probably need to contact Tech. Support to see if there is a fix for SAS 8.2.

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Re: SAS Connect Issue

Thanks Tim. Yep, I did got that solution from online for release 9.x.


I contacted the SAS support and they provided the hot fix file for the version 8.x. Have applied it and monitoring the progress.


Thanks for your suggestion ! Will update further on the progress.

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