SAS Certification Difficulty Level

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SAS Certification Difficulty Level


I am planning to appear for the SAS Base certification in coming days.

I have been studying SAS from Learning SAS by Example by Ron Cody from past few months.

I attempted Questions given behind the chapters of  "SAS Certification Prep Guide: Base Programming for SAS 9" and managed to achieve 75%  accuracy.

I am not sure that what would be the difficulty level of the SAS Certfication Question as compared to the Questions given behind the chapters of the SAS Certfication book.

I want to know that is my preparation sufficient to appear for the certification?

Those who have appeared  for the certification and referred to the SAS Certification Book will be better able to answer my question.

Please Guide.

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Re: SAS Certification Difficulty Level

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I think your preparation is sufficient.  Review Dates, know what June 1 1960 and June 2 1960 represents.  Data is a valid datastep name, I remember those specific questions being on there.  I think the book you have been reviewing is excellent prep work for the cert.

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Re: SAS Certification Difficulty Level

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There are 10 sample questions for the SAS Base programming exam from SAS that can be found at SAS Global Certification program

Further, SAS offer a practice exam, at a cost: SAS Training in the United States -- SAS Certification Practice Exam: Base Programming for SAS 9

You might need to select a specific country on the page.



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