SAS CONNECT TO ORACLE: Tracing Number of Merged Rows

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SAS CONNECT TO ORACLE: Tracing Number of Merged Rows

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We have here a doubt with SAS/ACCESS Interface to ORACLE maybe someone over here could help us with. We have SAS 9.2.


When we run a explicit (something like "EXECUTE(statement)  by oracle;") INSERT statement we see in our SAS log a message like "ORACLE: XXX rows inserted/updated/deleted." We are using the SAS options:




Nevertheless, for the Oracle native MERGE (not the SAS one) in a EXECUTE(), with the same trace options, we don't find any trace in the SAS log on how many rows where merged. But we receive something like "YYY rows merged." in Oracle SQLPLUS or SQL DEVELOPER.


Do you how can we show number of merged rows (no matter updates/inserts) in the SAS LOG?



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Re: SAS CONNECT TO ORACLE: Tracing Number of Merged Rows

The SASTRACE options only affects the logging when using a Libname connection. So it won't affect any explicit pass through operation logging.

Since you ave an explicit Oracle SQL statement, I would first run this in a native a Oracle client and see what kind of logs you get there. Then talk your Oracle DBA if he&she has any ideas how this information could be sent back to other clients. If not solved then, engage SAS tech support.

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Re: SAS CONNECT TO ORACLE: Tracing Number of Merged Rows

We are in contact with our DBA.
We also have noticed that for the statements (for example UPDATE) we get trace in SAS LOG, it seems different and more general than the one provided by Oracle client. For example when running an INSERT in an EXECUTE():
ORACLE Client: "XXX rows updated"
EXECUTE: "XXX rows inserted/updated/deleted."
We dont know why this happens, maybe its related on how SAS connects to Oracle.
We still are looking for a way to show MERGE trace but this above maybe is related to that.
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