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SAS Beginner

Hello Friends ,

I am new to SAS and learned to code thro'  a trainer. Now my consultant is asking me to get the domain knowledge by going through the ADam datasets ,domain and its variable? How many domains should I prepare? Can anybody give a rough idea about SDTM variables and how ADAM DS are formed? Do we need to know its core varibales too? How many to remember? PLEASE GUIDE ME ON THIS!

THank you so much

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Re: SAS Beginner


This sounds more like a CDISC question rather than SAS, please consult the documents on their website for domains and what each one needs to contain e.g. the implementation guidelines.  You create Adam/SDTM datasets in SAS exactly the way you create any others, the actual logic of it however is CDISC.

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Re: SAS Beginner


This is a big question. However, I can probably answer a small part of it. To meet the standard, your variables should be defined according to the first standard CDISC, namely SDTM. For instance, length of a SDTM variable should be 8 character at most. Variables in a domain other than the DM domain are prefixed with 2-character domain code. Variables in the DM domain, however, do not carry the domain code in their name, as the DM domain is the parental domain for the other domains. Many of these variables are common across all the domains, such STUDYID, SUBJID, USUBJID. There is certainly more metadata to define than the length and the name. In the book "implementing CDISC using SAS," the metadata are defined by six Excel tables. I am ploughing over that.



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Re: SAS Beginner

check the site for cdisc and Adam

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