SAS BI- WRS Issues

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SAS BI- WRS Issues

Hi All,

We have installed SAS WRS in a way that web link begins with http not https. As per the organization security policy, we were recommended to use https not http.

At first point, we tried to change the SAS configuration to access WRS begin with https rather http. We weren't successful with this approach.

As an alternative, we determined to use the external load balancer to allow users to access the WRS using https. It worked half a way. Users could log into SAS WRS but not able to create or open the exiting reports.

Would you be able to give better insights, if the approach that we followed can make sense and work?

Error Message:

   We couldn’t see any errors or warning from web/logs.

Diagnostic Steps:

   Tried to access the wrs using the link below after masking the

hostname with new s

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