SAS Automation using Autosys

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SAS Automation using Autosys

Hi All,


I am new to SAS Automation. in our office, I need to automate SAS Application using Autosys and there are 17 SAS programs . I am not aware of Autosys as well.


High level flow:

 - Run step 1&2 and check one of the temporary datasets count should be 0. If count is not 0, then send mail to 'xxx' and proceed.

 - Run Step 3 and Step 4

 - Run Step 5, check log and if one of the temporary data sets(Ex: X) count is not 0 then run a piece of code which updates data in another dataset for the respective ID's that we found in dataset X.

 - Need to Login to Putty and invoke 2 SAS programs and here , we need to wait for process ID and some return files with latest date, till then need to wait. once we see those files(In putty itself) with latest date and Time stamp we can proceed.

-Need to run Step 7 which internally calls another 3 sas programs 8,9 and 10.

-Need to again login to putty and invoke one sas program and wait for one return file with latest date(return file will appear in putty itself). Proceed to next step.

- Run step 11 and 12





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Re: SAS Automation using Autosys

ASFAIK there is no direct integration between SAS and Autosys.
For the flow logic: I think that Autosys reacts primarily to executio return codes. So for the logic of no of observations in data sets I suggest that you write this logic in SAS wich set session rc accordingly, and than have Autosys handle the flow logic.
Autosys should also be able to handle file events (your steps 6 and 10.5). Not sure about how the Putty steps fits into the architecture though. Having a skilled Autosys person to talk to would definitely help.
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