SAS + Amazon Redshift

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SAS + Amazon Redshift

Hi All,

Just wondering if anybody has utilised SAS BASE and Amazon Redshift.  The company that I work for is migrating data to Amazon Redshift... I would appreciate any tips for connecting SAS BASE to to a Redshift Server.

Many thanks


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Re: SAS + Amazon Redshift

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Looking at the blurb on Amazon Redshift, it allows users to connect via a wide range of methods including ODBC, so should be relatively straightforward.  I would imagine that once the driver is up and running then:

proc sql;

     connect to redshift (schema=...) /* options for the driver */;

     create table XYZ as

     select     * from connection to redshift (...);


I would imagine the biggest problem would be overcoming the constant "would you like to use Amazon Prime" messages you get upon any change to anything on their systems (yes, that's off topic!).

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