SAS Add-in for Microsoft Excel 5.1

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SAS Add-in for Microsoft Excel 5.1


Can any one please address below questions.

1.Currently, we are able to open the excel and add the SAS Add-in following the path File ---> Options ---> Add-Ins ---> COM Add-ins.How to know is this the licenced version for SAS Add-in for  Excel?

2.Can SAS Add-in for Excel used for the production processes ?If yes, is it possible to add the SAS Add-in by default whenever the SAS93 Excel is opened?

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Re: SAS Add-in for Microsoft Excel 5.1

The sas add in Microsoft Office  amo  does not have his own license file.

It should be part of your  contract of a server installation.

With eguide it is a .net application. The version of amo is not strictly bound to your sas version.

Using amo in production makes sense what else would you use it for. How to implement that conforming other requirements is thougher question

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