SAS Access to Netezza - Creating Datasets

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SAS Access to Netezza - Creating Datasets

Hi All,

Trying to create datasets/tables on DEV database using data from PROD database all in the Netezza Platform.  I have found it takes a long time (hours) for a small data set.  If I downloaded the data from PROD into to SAS and bulkloaded it back to the DEV database runs very fast.

Confused why there would be a difference? I would have thought that processing the data from DEV to PROD  in Netezza would be quicker than downloading and uploading the data.


data ndev.tmp /*Netezza DEV DB*/;

     set nprod.small_table; /*Netezza PROD DB*/


Many thanks


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Re: SAS Access to Netezza - Creating Datasets

I keep getting the following error message in SAS 9.3 log:

ERROR: Error attempting to CREATE a DBMS table. ERROR: CLI execute error: ERROR: Cross

Database Access not supported for this type of command.

tried differing ways proc sql, data step and proc summary to see if it made a difference... to no avail... don't know if it is a SAS or Netezza issue that is preventing data being written between databases on Netezza using SAS 9.3.



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Re: SAS Access to Netezza - Creating Datasets

Using standard sas sql to netezza you can be trapped by a lot of caveats.

Using sas/access netezza can require a lot of knowledge of the impact what is happening.

Updating a database is different to reading. Bulkloading is the fastest because a lot of checks are bypassed.

The automatic copying prod to develop has to copy records into sas and back. Sometimes cursor operations and locking can cause a lot of delay.

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