SAS ABM (Calculated driver assignment)

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SAS ABM (Calculated driver assignment)


Has anybody an experience of work with SAS ABM (Calculated driver assignment)?

I need to assign source to destination account using the name or value of attributes and find the value for DrvQtyCalc in one destination atribute.

Could it be possible if I use one attribute at source account and some attributes at destination account?

It's seems to me that it could be something like that:

Destination.Source."Name_of_the_source_attribute"  but similar construction is not work without quotation after the Destination. word.
So may be it's not possible?

For more clarity, for instance, in this construction:

if (Destination.HasAttribute( Source."ACST".DimMemRef ) ,7 ,8)

how could I change "7" and "8" for the attribute name which is similar with the value of Source."ACST".DimMemRef  or with the name or value of the source attribute?

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Re: SAS ABM (Calculated driver assignment)

I have partly decided this problem by a bit another way, I made and input an attribute "Acc_cost" at the source and destination account, but at destination I input complicated value for this attribute which consist of couples of values - the source account name and the value for driver quantity.

In a driver formula I use the costuction based on if and find operators:

...find ( Source."Acc_cost", Destination."Acc_cost")...

but there are some limitations in this way

1. For the Find, Len, Mid functions there is 63 characters limit for arguments. It is very sad but may be it is increase the speed and performance.

2. 1025 character limit for use in a driver formula.

So I can only assign 15-20 different values for DrvQtyCalc. And than I have to make another driver and it is a bit inconvenient.

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