SAS 9.4 - Help & Documentation Error

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SAS 9.4 - Help & Documentation Error

I have just installed SAS 9.4 using the deployment wizard.

The installation completes successfully however when trying to access the Help Menu > Help & Documentation, we get a - 'This page cannot be displayed error message' (please see attached).

Any ideas how to resolve this problem please?

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Re: SAS 9.4 - Help & Documentation Error

You might provide some additional details as to which version and what environment such as operating system, server or stand alone SAS install.There should be some installation log files to examine for any exceptions.

And the message looks like it may be from your organization's web server so you might have a permissions issue or looking in the wrong place. That URL looks like it may be looking at a default of your machine which if you have a server version the server wouldn't see your install as its isn't yours...

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Re: SAS 9.4 - Help & Documentation Error

Thank you for your response.

The version is SAS for windows 9.4 TS LEVEL 1M1 - W32_7PRO Platform.

I am unfamiliar with SAS and simply been given a guide to follow to install the software on.

If it helps the guide shows the following install steps -

1. Run SAS Deployment Wizard 9.4

2. Install SAS Foundation and Related Software (default products to install)

3. Point to the SAS Installation Data file (located on our server, which states the expiry date)

4. Choose Language

5. Point to existing Java runtime environment on local machine

6. Choose SAS Foundation

7.  Specify SAS/Graph Java Applets deployments directory

8. Select SAS PC File Server System Service option

9. Select SAS PC File Server port

10. Install

We have tried to install the same version on 5 machines. One of them works fine and the remaining 4 have the same issue...

The same exact steps were used when installing SAS on each machine.

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Re: SAS 9.4 - Help & Documentation Error

Here is some further info from the log file -

ERROR: The ODS initializer failed to instantiate during SAS startup.


It seems as when logged in as admin the program opens up fine but only has this issue on a users local account...

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