SAS 9.3 and Oracle Installation and pulling my hair out

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SAS 9.3 and Oracle Installation and pulling my hair out

Hello All,

I installed SAS 9.3 successfully! and now I am trying to figure out which Oracle product needs to be installed next in order to get to the database.  I am not the end user, I am the help desk tech so my learning curve is steep.  Does anybody have a link or very specific info as to which oracle product gets installed after SAS is installed?


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Re: SAS 9.3 and Oracle Installation and pulling my hair out

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Not being an installation guy but sometimes having contact to the ones really knowing what to do:

1. First thing: Do you use SAS/Access to Oracle or SAS/ODBC or SAS/OLEDB?

2. I believe the SAS/Access to Oracle module connects via the Oracle client to the Oracle Database.

     Not that I really know what I'm talking about: But I believe you need the "Oracle SQL*Net client".

3. There is a lot of documentation in the Install Center under

4. At least in "my" country SAS recommends that a specialised installation consultant from SAS does SAS installations as it IS a special skill set and one needs to know a few things to get it right. So don't get too frustrated if you're facing some hurdles until you get it right.

5. Once all the software is installed and "linked" you can test connectivity by issuing a SAS command like "LIBNAME oralib ORACLE PATH=<path> USER=<user> PASSWORD=”<password>” schema=<schema>;" You then should see the Oracle tables in this schema (if the user you're using has also the grants in Oracle to see these tables - you might first want to test if the schema/user/pw works using SQL Developer).

O.K. - my 5 cents. Good luck and don't get frustrated! Setting up this stuff IS a specialised skill which needs experience or a lot of time for try and error and finding/reading documentation.

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