Roles, task and sas tools

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Roles, task and sas tools

Hi all,


This is more a high level question but hopefully you could still provide some input. Let us say your company uses these 3 SAS tools:


  • SAS EG
  • SAS EM
  • SAS DI

What kind of job roles and tasks do you usually associate with these tools? For example, data scientists would perform modeling using SAS EG and SAS EM. Data engineers would mainly use SAS DI for data integration. Analysts would possibly only use SAS EG to create some summary statistics etc.


It would be great to get a view (matrix) of the roles X tools X tasks often encountered in practice. Please add to the above tools, roles and tasks.


Any feedback would be very much appreciated. Many thanks in advance!


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Re: Roles, task and sas tools

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With us, it's all EG.

The use of EM was terminated because our "mother" company forced another mining tool on us, and we had a strong infrastructure of ETL jobs already in place long before DI Studio and the underlying metadata structures came into being.


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Re: Roles, task and sas tools

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EM is used for building predictive models. 

If you want to build complex models, such as Market Basket Analytics, or Text analytics then EM is the tool. This is for higher level analytics besides simple regression and time series analysis. You should have some statistical expertise to use this tool.


EG is a full tool kit. It can do most of the grunt work. You can probably do manage with just EG, DI/EM are more specialty tools. 


DI - Data Integration Studio, more of an ETL tool used to build your data warehouse/data lake/data swamp or whatever your company calls it these days. 

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