Resolving Programs and Macro Calls

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Resolving Programs and Macro Calls

I have several old programs that we are trying to reorganize.  One of the things that I am trying to do is see what they are all using as input and creating as output.  Is there a way to get all of my source calls and macro calls to resolve from my calling SAS programs, without actually running the programs, so that I have some documentation available?

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Re: Resolving Programs and Macro Calls

The question is different but looks like this one.

My first thoughts would be using scaproc and run those as Linus did the proposal in that thread.

Analyzing programs without running those can be a hard challenge. SAS macro-s are possible change code.
Perhaps you can set all access on data/programs read-only and run the code with having obs=0 being set.

The code generation done as part of dataset content will be missed.    

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