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Something like the "next/previous" buttons that navigate to adjacent threads, avoiding return to list


Example video of editor being used for the various purposes: plain msg, Sas code, enhanced code, and pasting code from SAS or EG


Guidance on code style so that SAS Log formats OK (for example set LS= 70 and/or keep code lines short)


button to have some SAS server validate what is in a code box, and return the log. (obviously the code would need to be "elf-sufficient")

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Re: Requests

Excellent suggestions.  My responses to each of your points is below.  

  1. I don't know off the top of my head how to add next and previous buttons, but I'll look into it.  Seems like it should be there.
  2. There are videos that I think we can add that are provided by the software vendor.  I'll look into that as well.  Basically, you have three choices with the editor.  They are:
  • Use the simplified editor that appears when you start a discussion or when you reply to a discussion.
  • Select the Use advanced editor link at the top of the editor window.  The advanced editor gives you a few more options like font and style selections and a few more editing options.
  • The last option is to select the HTML link next to the spell check icon.  This will put you in a plain text editor where you can use CODE and PRE tags to help format your SAS code.
  1. Ah. The width problem.  Keeping code lines short will always work.  I have seen code that you can insert that makes a block of HTML scrollable.  Not sure what I can do with that, but I can try it. If anyone has other suggestions, please post them here.
  2. I remember you talking about this in Las Vegas.  It is a very cool idea.  I'll move it out of here and turn it into a suggestion discussion all its own.  Others can comment on the idea and help flesh it out a bit more. I'll be interested in what others think.

Keep your ideas and suggestions coming.  This is exactly the reason that we released it in such a plain format.  It allows us to keep working on it, but focus on the things that are important to you.

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