Report (Wrap)

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Report (Wrap)

Hello All

I need some help regarding row wrap in the report procedure!

I am trying to allocate 20 observations from a dataset in each page in proc report. As long as observation can fit in a single line I don't have any problem!

But sometimes a single column/or any column might wrap to multiple lines, in that case the observations might pull to the next page.

So I am trying to allocate page number base on how many lines each column might wrap into. How can achieve this? Can someone help me with this, please!?

I am using Courier New font with 8.5 pt

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Re: Report (Wrap)

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Output destination and style can effect some of this though when you say something wraps to multiple lines you have a variable with very long strings and will likely not be able to get a good solution. Possibly changing to a landscape mode for output might work if that is acceptable.

Or accept fewer observations per page.

I generally worry about page numbering after output.

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