Replace feature in proc pscore

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Replace feature in proc pscore

Hello experts,


I am trying to import an R model into SAS via PMML. I am using the proc pscore.

However, I am getting an error since a variable name is longer than 32 characters.


ERROR: Variable Predicted_PDO_I_CUS_COMPLEX_BAD_1 has length greater than 32. Use Replace Feature to execute.


‘PDO_I_CUS_COMPLEX_BAD_1’ is the target variable in the R model.


The error message talks about a ‘replace feature’ which can be used. I couldn’t find the relevant documentation about this feature.

Could anyone point me to the same? What exactly it does and how does it work?


Does it allow the use of a variable with a longer name?

Can a model have a long variable name if we use the replace feature or is it advisable that we use a shorter name to accommodate the ‘Predicted_’ tag?


Kindly let me know if any more details are needed.



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Re: Replace feature in proc pscore

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I'm not positive, but it sounds like "replace feature" just means to use a text editor and use the find/replace dialog box to replace your long variable name with a shorter one. For example, you can replace




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