Renaming Logs created by SASGSUB

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Renaming Logs created by SASGSUB

Hi All,


I have a problem. I am scheduling multiple jobs at the same time. All the jobs invoke the same macro but pass a different parameter to the macro. The problem is that since all these jobs are scheduled at the same time, logs for some of the files are not created.


Say the macro name is mac_sample and the jobs are scheduled in parallel, then under the same folder information about mulitple jobs is created


Folder Name: SASGSUB-2016-05-13_15.41.11.223_mac_sample

Files under the folder:




What is worrying me is that log is printed only for one of the parameters. Is there a way i can resolve this issue?


Thanks in advance,



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Re: Renaming Logs created by SASGSUB

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May be you can control it at the Job calling level,, you know say when the macro is getting called you could mention that the log needs to be saved in a file.


Few more details could help understand the problem better.

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