Reimbursements: A New Process

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Reimbursements: A New Process

Hi Everyone;

Just a quick note around submitting invoices moving forward. Many of you are good enough to pay for catering/AV/venue rentals out of your own pockets, and get reimbursed through myself. Our Finance Department has asked for a slight change.
When ordering any of these items, please provide my name and billing address as the 'client of record'. This will allow SAS to directly pay the invoice without having to involve your personal funds as best as possible.
To mitigate any 'on the ground' user group related expenses which often crop up (i.e. deposits, need to pre-pay, etc.) and are incurred by yourselves, I will be positing a form shortly which will allow SAS to actually create an invoice for you. I would ask that you use the form moving forward in the event that you have to pay for something out of your own pocket.
I hope this isn't too confusing, and do comment if you have feedback.
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Re: Reimbursements: A New Process

Thanks Matt! We'll try it out and see how it works for us in Vancouver.
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