Regarding LSF to Schedule the jobs

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Regarding LSF to Schedule the jobs


This question is regarding LSF.

When we are creating a job in SAS DI and running it,its running fine in SAS DI.But when the same job is being deployed to LSF(Schedule manager) and creating the flow and try to schedule it(by choosing the option RUN NOW),its showing message that the "job has been successfully submitted to run on  plate form process manager".

But when we are checking the logs for this flow,we are getting the following error:

authorization error to access .lst file.

Please provide us solution for this error. PFA the error screen shots.



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Re: Regarding LSF to Schedule the jobs

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Somewhere in your DI code, there is probably something that want to printed, which works fine when you do it in DI.

By running in LSF, it will run in batch mode (no output window), and probably under other user.

On workaround is to set a default lst file (-print option) in the batchServer where everyone has write access, such as c:\temp in Windows.

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