Random requests to login by forum after loging in

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Random requests to login by forum after loging in

I have been experiencing in nearly a daily basis where the forum asks me to log in, or I appear to be an anonymous guest when opening threads on the formum. I am logged in and going back to the previous screen and then re-opening the thread usually works, but not always.

Also, I occassionally get a copy of the page I opened the thread from instead of the thread.

I have tried opening the individual threads in a new tab and then I'll get either the anonymous or a bunch of "internal server error" popup red bars.

Is anyone else seeing this?

If it matters, this is using IE8 (and I can't upgrade due to incompatibility with local applications) on Windows 7.

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Re: Random requests to login by forum after loging in

I don't think that I have heard this problem before. I have not experienced it. I will be interested to hear if others have also had this experience.

Are you only getting the repeated login request or are you also getting a "set password' request.  I ask because there have been a few of those reported too and I want to make sure that I'm looking for the right problem.  Is there anything else that you can tell me-- Like has your browser version changed?

I will look into it and get back to you.

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Re: Random requests to login by forum after loging in

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Most of the time I open a thread and it shows "Login" where my user name usually appears. The actual login request message happens very infrequently and the only time I am sure of what I did immediately prior was today when I went to the "What matters: communications" from the Browse page. Went back, clicked on the "What Matters" and got to the content.

No change to the browser that I'm aware of unless or IT rolled a version in the background but it is still IE8, and been on Windows7 for 22 months.

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Re: Random requests to login by forum after loging in

I only get this occasionally, usually after being logged in for five days or after clearing my cache.

However, I have not noticed this happening more often over the past few days.

SAS will be doing some maintenance on servers this weekend, so you might have to wait until Monday to investigate after the system is rebooted.

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