RSS Feed for answered questions

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RSS Feed for answered questions


I am a beginner to SAS and want to learn SAS day-by-day. So I have the RSS Feed of this community on my iPad which I try to read every day.

What would be the feed of answered questions?

On the website, there is option to show answered questions, but would like a feed.

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Re: RSS Feed for answered questions

@hellind - There are a lot of RSS feeds, but not one for answered questions.  It is something that we can look into creating if others are interested in it.  One other trick you can try is saving a search as an RSS feed.  Using the advanced search features, you can create a search  that gives you results that you want.  Once you get a good search, you can save it as a feed.

Users:  Would it be helpful to have an RSS feed for only questions that are marked as answered?

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Re: RSS Feed for answered questions

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I'd actually find two feeds helpful: one for answered questions and another for unanswered questions.

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