REQEXHAUST error mesage in proc sql

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REQEXHAUST error mesage in proc sql

I am using proc sql to pull records from Teradata into a SAS data set.  Sometimes, I get this error, sometimes, I do not.  What does the following message mean?


ERROR: Teradata row not delivered (trget): CLI2: REQEXHAUST(307): Request data exhausted. .
NOTE: Compressing data set MYTESTDATASET decreased size by 30.91 percent.
      Compressed is 1817527 pages; un-compressed would require 2630728 pages.

ERROR: ERROR: Commit: Session forced off by PMPC or gtwglobal or security violation.
    ROLLBACK has been issued (Any rows processed after the last COMMIT are lost).


Here is a snippet of the code:


proc sql;
connect to TERADATA (user = "XXXXXXX" password = "&password" server=XXXX mode=teradata);

create table MYTESTDATASET as

select patron_id,
       ,join_date format=monyy7. as membership_date
       ,(case when member_age LE 18 then 1 else 0 end) as youth_discount
where join_date between '01jan2010'd and '30jun2010'd

disconnect from TERADATA;


Even with the error message, a data set is created, with approximately 1.5 billion records.


I am using SAS v9.3.


Please advise.  Thank you.


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Re: REQEXHAUST error mesage in proc sql

Looks to me like you best raise a SAS Tech Support track for this one. 


Let us know how you go.


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Re: REQEXHAUST error mesage in proc sql

In the code provided I don't see where the connection is used (I see only where it is made)
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