Question about preparing SAS certificate

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Question about preparing SAS certificate

Hi everyone,

I'm new to SAS. I have question about SAS certification exam.

How do you guys practicing? The software is very expensive to purchase. 

Do you guys all practice using Free SAS University Edition? If this is the case, how different the interface between University Edition and the exam?

Thanks a lot.

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Re: Question about preparing SAS certificate

With respect to studying for the Base Certification there should be no major issues with using SAS UE.

I think the only issue that's come up is the fact that you can't use the libname method to reference files but as long as you read the topics that isn't more than a few questions on the exam.

Good Luck!

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Re: Question about preparing SAS certificate

Thank you for you reply.

You specific mentioned Base certification. Do you mean SAS UE is not enough for Advanced or other certification? Thanks a lot.

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Re: Question about preparing SAS certificate

Other certification is a bit vague, there's a lot of them.

You can learn everything for the Advanced certification as well using UE.

I think there's only so far its worth going in terms of certification without a job though.

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Re: Question about preparing SAS certificate

How to practice

  • If you work at a site that has SAS, you can practice with the SAS Display Manager, SAS Enterprise Guide, or SAS Studio, depending on what is installed.
  • If you want your own personal copy of SAS, then the SAS University Edition offers SAS Studio as the programming interface.

WHAT to study

  • Each Certification recommends SAS training courses to prepare you.
  • SAS Training is an excellent way to quickly gain the knowledge required to pass Certification. (I am a SAS trainer, BTW.)
  • However, Certification is a test of knowledge, not of training - you do not have to had undertaken training
  • You may prefer to acquire the knowledge in other ways - user guides, practice, etc.

Read the Agendas of the training courses corresponding to your desired Certification

  • Use them as your "shopping list" to determine if you have acquired sufficient knowledge yet.
  • If you understand most of all of the training topics, then you are probably ready to sit the Certification exam.
  • If not, then at least you now have a "hit list" of what you need to know - how you then gain than knowledge (training, self-study, etc) is up to you.

Good luck!



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Re: Question about preparing SAS certificate

I learned SAS in their training facilities in Germany, when my company started implementing SAS.

I started with base SAS programming and added SQL and macro processing to that.

I am also a certified AIX system admin.

To get a basic knowledge of SAS, the UE will be sufficient.

Before investing too much in getting certificates, ask yourself:

- will I be working with SAS at all in the future?

- in which business will I be employed/working when using SAS (medical/pharma, insurance/banking, scientific ...)?

- will I therefore need deeper knowledge for a specific subset of the SAS system?

- will I be the sole SAS specialist onsite or just one of many SAS users, supported by said specialist/admin?

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