Question Regarding Excel 32bit with SAS 64bit

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Question Regarding Excel 32bit with SAS 64bit

Hi All,

We have just installed SAS 9.3 64bit and we are doing some of our testing.  We have just run into the problem of reading Excel files using a 32bit version of Excel.  I have read some of the posts here and I would like to get some feedback from experienced users.

I know that we can use the SAS PC file server, but that requires changes to our code - which we don't want to do as, this is a production server and there are a lot of programs to go through, so I'm looking for a solution that requires the least (or no) code changes.

If we install the 64bit version of Excel, does everything work as before?  We do not have the Office Add-In so that would not be affected.

Are there any other solutions that have an absolute minimum of code changes?

If possible, is there a recommendation from SAS on which way to go with this?  (That way I can just go to the powers that be and say "SAS says do this....")

Thanks to all in advance.

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Re: Question Regarding Excel 32bit with SAS 64bit

I am assuming you mean Excel files stored as binary in proprietary file format?  If so maybe move over to saving them as XLSX which is xml encoded rather than binary and hence shouldn't matter what bit the OS is.  Personally I really don't like using Excel for any kind of data storage for all these kind of reasons.

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