Publish a Paper with SAS

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Publish a Paper with SAS

Hello everyone,


Can anyone please guide me about how to publish a paper on a SAS program?



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Re: Publish a Paper with SAS

You question is fairly generic.  If you want a more detailed answer, feel free to post more details about what you would like to do (publish in a research journal, use SAS programming to create the paper, present at a conference, complete a homework assignment).


Here's a good conference paper about how to research and organize and create a paper about work that you've done using SAS.


Suggestions for Writing Better SAS® User Group Papers



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Re: Publish a Paper with SAS

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Thanks Chris for the reply.


And sorry I didn't provided the full information.

Basically I have written a SAS program which is mainly used for ETL purpose in Data warehousing projects.

What it does is, it can create DDLs of 1000s of tables in Teradata database and load them simultaneously by connecting from multiple sources like Oracle, MySQL, DB2 and MS SQL Server at one execution.

It has saved efforts and time from a year of manual and numerous SAS DI jobs development to just couple of weeks.

Basically, it has automated the ETL process of our project.


For this my organization has recognized me with a SPOT award. Therefore, I was thinking to get the program published by making a proper paper with abstract, introduction, flow of the code, etc.


But I have no clue how to get it done.




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Re: Publish a Paper with SAS

See also Chris's previous post on this topic.


A peer-reviewed statistical journal that accepts articles about statistical programs in SAS is the Journal of Statistical Software.

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