Pros and Cons of Having SAS GRID on NAS Vs SAN

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Pros and Cons of Having SAS GRID on NAS Vs SAN


Wondering the major differences, pros and cons in terms of performance and cost when installing SAS GRID on NAS Versus SAN.  If so, how the architecture looks like ?

Appreciated all the suggestions/comments and recommendations.



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Re: Pros and Cons of Having SAS GRID on NAS Vs SAN

review blogs and documents like:



- Scalability Community: SAS Grid Architecture

A SAS grid is solving the problem that the hardware capacity cannot fulfill the needed resource request.

Knowing some of your expected load you should start with that and than build form there maybe using very dedicated tuned hardware for your needs.

There are several papers on this topic using dedicated tuned hardware.

Moore-s law is often used to bypass that, it is a humbug argument.  see:

For more performance out of CPU-speed there is a need to parallelize those. Commercial hardware today can offer 64 cores or even more  1-2 Tbyte internal memory and a lot of SSD and Dasd attached going into TB's. If you have a big project this is not the main part of some budget to be done. It can become problematic when there policies to virtualize everything. That is a lot of work for (nothing) splitting up hardware and joining it in a grid as every split part cannot dot the work.

Going to NAS (network Attached Storage) Storage area network - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

You the difference is not that big as both introduce the bottleneck of the network to the IO.  With a SAN you have to solve file enqueing/locking in a shared data environment where this is served both functions by the NAS.  In a grid you are dependent on shared data as you cannot know wich node should process the data and the data must be available. The hadoop approach is spreading data on many nodes (rendundant) very efficient for analyzing (readonly) data.


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Re: Pros and Cons of Having SAS GRID on NAS Vs SAN

Thanks Jaap

Very interesting information !

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