Program connection within project

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Program connection within project

my access to a new server times out after 15 minutes.  Within some projects we have queries that connect result tables to tables back to a table in the database which the access has timed out.  The queries leading up to that Pkg query may take longer than 15 minutes so the access will close before the query gets to kick-off.  Is there a way to connect the program containing the access code within the project so that It will run when the project's process flow gets to that query?

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Re: Program connection within project

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It isn't clear whether your concern is with a SAS server or a database server.  You might want to call your IT support on this.  It could also be that the problem is not with SAS at all.  IT may be doing the time-out independent of SAS, so they could adjust it for you.   This timeout could be happening at the remote database end.

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