Proc reg/proc glm not found

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Proc reg/proc glm not found

Hi everyone

Firstly Iapologize for my english.

Got a problem. Each time i tried to use proc reg or prog logistic or proc glm, the same message error appears "proc not found". I heard and read that it was obviously because I did not install SAS/STAT...

I've just installed SAS following the referring guide..

How can I install this ?

(I use SAS 9.3 on a windows computer).

Many thanks

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Re: Proc reg/proc glm not found

If you have installed SAS 9.3 and you don't have PROC REG, and you get the message that "PROC not found", then it probably means that you have not PAID the money to license SAS/STAT.

You can check by submitting the following code and seeing if SAS/STAT is written to the log, or not

proc setinit;


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Re: Proc reg/proc glm not found

When you run the install procedure there's a step to click what packages to install, make sure you're installing the SAS/STAT package then.

Or you don't have it licensed as Paige has mentioned.

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Re: Proc reg/proc glm not found

thanks for your reply.

I have done the proc setinit and I got this :

Original site validation data


Site number:  70109268.

Expiration:   31JUL2013.

Grace Period:  62 days (ending 01OCT2013).

Warning Period: 33 days (ending 03NOV2013).

System birthday:   23JUL2012.

Operating System:   W32_WKS .

Product expiration dates:

---Base SAS Software                                                                                    31JUL2013

---SAS/STAT                                                                                             31JUL2013

---SAS/GRAPH                                                                                            31JUL2013

---SAS/ETS                                                                                              31JUL2013

---SAS/FSP                                                                                              31JUL2013

---SAS/OR                                                                                               31JUL2013

---SAS/AF                                                                                               31JUL2013

---SAS/IML                                                                                              31JUL2013

---SAS/QC                                                                                               31JUL2013

---SAS/SHARE                                                                                            31JUL2013

---SAS/CONNECT                                                                                          31JUL2013

---SAS/INSIGHT                                                                                          31JUL2013

---SAS/EIS                                                                                              31JUL2013

---SAS/SHARE*NET                                                                                        31JUL2013

---SAS/IntrNet                                                                                          31JUL2013

---MDDB Server common products                                                                          31JUL2013

---SAS Integration Technologies                                                                         31JUL2013

---SAS AppDev Studio                                                                                    31JUL2013

---SAS Enterprise Guide                                                                                 31JUL2013

---OR OPT                                                                                               31JUL2013

---OR PRS                                                                                               31JUL2013

---OR IVS                                                                                               31JUL2013

---OR LSO                                                                                               31JUL2013

---SAS/ACCESS Interface to Oracle                                                                       31JUL2013

---SAS/ACCESS Interface to PC Files                                                                     31JUL2013

---SAS/ACCESS Interface to ODBC                                                                         31JUL2013

---SAS/ACCESS Interface to OLE DB                                                                       31JUL2013

---SAS/IML Studio                                                                                       31JUL2013

---SAS Workspace Server for Local Access                                                                31JUL2013

---DataFlux Trans DB Driver                                                                             31JUL2013

---SAS Framework Data Server

I am pretty sure i've installed this package but how can I verify ?

Am I supposed then to reinstall it ?

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Re: Proc reg/proc glm not found

So you have a license for SAS/STAT, but the procedure doesn't work when you try it.

I think you should call SAS and speak to their help desk.

Paige Miller
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