Proc import CSV with Comma in data

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Proc import CSV with Comma in data

I am using the below code to import a CSV file into SAS data set from a Website.  The value for a character variable contains Comma,Single Quotes and Double Quotes in it. 

Eaxample  :  Luwin said, “Bran, the children's of the forest have been gone for thousands of years.”

When I Imported this into SaS , instead  of  assigning the value to one variable it creates mlutiple..


filename dat_input url 'https://XXXXXXXX.csv';
proc import datafile=dat_input
out=Check_XX dbms=CSV replace;




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Re: Proc import CSV with Comma in data

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That indicates that you do not have a well formed CSV file. 


You first need to figure out how many issues and what type of clean up you need to do. 

I would also try setting GUESSINGROWS=MAX and see if you get a slightly better results. 


If the variable happens to be at the end there are some workarounds you can try, but if it's in the middle its much harder. 



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