Proc gchart options

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Proc gchart options

In the following data set I have three variables bad xx and yy.

I want to make histograms of XX and YY such that at each level of  a variable say XX, I want to divide the column by proportion or percentage of bad=1 and bad=0.

My following attempts does this job but it divides each column by percentage of bad=0 and bad=1 w.r.t to all the  values of  XX.

For variable XX, I want bars of the  histogram at 2,4,6,8 and 10, however division of each bar should be done based on the number of bad=1/bad=0 within that level of XX.

If this can be done, all the vertical bars will have equal height, but get divided by percentage/proportion of bad values within that level of XX.

Using the following code

I have this plot

As always, I am expecting some help from one of you experts.

Thanks again for your time!

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Re: Proc gchart options

You may be looking for G100 which requires use of Group not subgroup. Since you posted pictures of code and note code I'm too lazy to retype the data example so I can't test.

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Re: Proc gchart options

here is the code


data have;

input Bad $ xx yy @@;


0 10 5

0 6 5

1 6 7

1 8 3

1 4 1

0 6 9

0 8 9

0 4 7

0 2 5

1 2 7

1 8 3

1 4 5

0 6 3

0 8 3


goptions reset=all;

proc gchart data=have;

vbar xx yy/type=percent




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Re: Proc gchart options

What version of SAS do you have? Can you use the SG graphical procedures, ie SGPLOT?

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