Proc Means

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Proc Means

New to SAS

I want to find the mean, median for variable X

in Dataset A

& Dataset B.

I want the mean & median for both datasets to display side-by-side in the same table, how do I do it?

Thank you

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Re: Proc Means

If Proc SQL supported the median statistic I would have suggested that.  The easiest method to code would be a couple of Proc Summary (alter ego of Proc Means) statements followed by a merge:

Proc Summary data = A ;

     Var X ;

     Output out = A_Stat

          mean = Mean_XA

          median = Median_XA


Run ;

Proc Summary data = B;

     Var X ;

     Output out = B_Stat

          mean = Mean_XB

          median = Median_XB


Run ;

Data Want ;

     Merge A_Stat B_Stat ;

Run ;

[Not tested]

Richard in NZ

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