Proc Geocode & Street Method Lookup Data

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Proc Geocode & Street Method Lookup Data

In an effort to geocode down to the street level, I have downloaded the street method lookup data provided on the SAS website, although it comes with a readme file with instructions and metadata as well as a scripts to import the CSV files, I am my wits end trying to get the files imported - I make the directed adjustments/modifications to the script but when I run the script, although datasets are created, they are empty.  Has anyone else imported these files and successfully geocoded to the street level?  Is there a trick?  Do I need to run the script separately for each file?  Any tips and/or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.  Thank

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Re: Proc Geocode & Street Method Lookup Data

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I have used that SAS code to import the unzipped CSV files on Windows and Unix machines. Can you post the code you submitted and the applicable part of your SAS log?

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