Problem when I run a project in EG

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Problem when I run a project in EG

Hi..!!! I have a little problem. When I open a project ( with a couple of codes on it) and I ran, the codes doesn't works, but, if I run individually, the code works.

What's is the problem with the code in the project? why doesn't works when I open and run?

I'll be waiting for your response and help.

Thanks in advance.


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Re: Problem when I run a project in EG

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1/ Move this question to the Eguide one.

2/ In a project with a flow (branches) there is no difference in the way it runs.

    With 5.1 and up there is parallel  execution option, you should have made a flow of your nodes.

3/ What version of Eguide you are using and what type of server you are connecting to.

4/ What is the order of your actions when you get that problem 

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