Problem using DDE Triplets

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Problem using DDE Triplets

Hi All,

Does anyone have any experience of receiving no outputs when using DDE-Triplets to Export to Excel?  I'm trying to set up a new process to create a number of different reports much more quickly and this seemed like a straight forward way to manage all of the required outputs.

Im getting no error within the log and cant see where the code is different to the reference material im using - but there is no output within the XLS document.

Any advice / solutions greatly appreciated.

Ive attached the log output for further clarification:

291  filename outxls dde 'excel|[OutputTest.xls]DummyOutput!r1c1:r33:c3' notab;

292  data _null_;

293  set summary_output;

294  file outxls;

295  put effectivedate'09'x portfolio'09x' frequency'09'x;

296  run;

NOTE: The file OUTXLS is:

      DDE Session,



NOTE: 33 records were written to the file OUTXLS.

      The minimum record length was 16.

      The maximum record length was 25.

NOTE: There were 33 observations read from the data set WORK.SUMMARY_OUTPUT.

NOTE: DATA statement used (Total process time):

      real time           0.01 seconds

      cpu time            0.00 seconds

297  filename outxls clear;

NOTE: Fileref OUTXLS has been deassigned

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Re: Problem using DDE Triplets

Some discrepancies that have to be corrected in your code:

1. filename outxls dde 'excel|[OutputTest.xls]DummyOutput!r1c1:r33:c3' notab;

     has an extra colon after r33.  The line should read:

    filename outxls dde 'excel|[OutputTest.xls]DummyOutput!r1c1:r33c3' notab;

2.  put effectivedate'09'x portfolio'09x' frequency'09'x;

    has incorrectly placed quote marks.  The line should read:

    put effectivedate '09'x portfolio '09'x frequency;

  I removed the last tab as I don't think it is necessary, but the second tab was defined incorrectly.

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Re: Problem using DDE Triplets

Thats great! Thanks for the help.

ITs was the rogue loon causing the problem

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Re: Problem using DDE Triplets

Plem:  You should mark the question as answered so that others don't waste time trying to provide an answer that you already have.

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