Problem reading raw file

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Problem reading raw file


I am a new user.

The directory address has been changed in this example. I can't import the data, below is the code I used and the error in the log. Please help. Thanks

data demographics;

infile 'C:\X\X\X\test.txt'; 

input Gender$ Age HH;


ERROR: Physical file does not exist, C:\X\X\X\test.txt.

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Re: Problem reading raw file

could you please check again if the file test.txt exits in the given path.



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Re: Problem reading raw file

I assume you're running this code using SAS EG. If so then what you must be aware of is that SAS EG is a client which generates code and sends this code to a server (eg. SASApp) for execution. As the code actually executes on the server any file paths you define must be the file paths as the server sees it. So using c:\ is the c-drive on the server and not on your desktop and therefore something like 'C:\X\X\X\test.txt' looks for such a file on the server's C-drive where the file doesn't exist - though the error message.

What you need to do is either:

-  Save your file on a network drive which can also be accessed by the SAS Server (eg. using a UNC path like '\\server\x\x\x\test..txt')

- or use the EG import wizard under menu "file". This wizard runs on the client side (EG) and allows you to manually import the text file on your local c-drive

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